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nonon is a celebration of radiance and friendship. nonon is a 5,000 piece collection of vibrant hand-painted characters by the artist known as three; an experiment in living blockchain art featuring a 100% on-chain dynamic soulbound token that acts as both your pass to a one of a kind on chain collectathon and a key to unlocking new friendships.

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GothKats® iz a limited-run NFT cowwection from the mind of mysterious artist and designer Kikillo. The kats r sum of teh most elegant and bootiful pieces of art on the bwockchain. Drawing inspiration from the kute and provocative, GothKats® are hear to take 0ver the Etheweum blockchain. Our NFT collection of kute kats iz moor than a series of internet art pieces; it'z a gothic revolution wrapped in shadows, a kall to all beating cyberhearts in the digital dark. We are icawns 0f an era… searching for meening beneath the surface. Though they may b depressed, the Kats are the purrfect way to add a little joi to your wallot. Each Kat is hand-selected from thousands of genewations, individually ch0sen to evoke your cuddliest dark-side. Consider theze Kats lucki charms, beacons of good fortune for yur most successful bullrun yet. Within the GothKats® are 50 special Kats called “bête noires” which are given a 5-star ranking. Beyond the bragging rights of holding an exceptional Kat, these bête noires edition Kats provide a unique collectors opportunity. Holders who possess 2 or more bête noires Kats will qualify for an exclusive airdrop of Kikillo’s art from the super-rare GothPuppies collection.

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It's 2006. You're in an Italian train station, and you get a demo disc for a game free with a magazine you've never seen or heard of. When you're finally home and in front of your pc, the disc is gone—lost, and you're left with the memories, the screenshots, the box art. J0yrid3rz is something that we all lost, a game we never played the feeling of limitless play, of freedom, it will rise again.

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